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Health & Safety Management

Our On-Site Health & Safety Supervisors provide the following services to ensure compliance with the CDC, State and Local Municipalities and Local Unions:

  • Provides and coordinates Covid-19 Medical Staff, Health and Safety Teams that include: Health & Safety Managers, Hygiene Crews and Security Units

  • Daily Health & Safety Meetings to ensure that all crew is trained on Covid-19 requirements and are implemented in conjunction with the UPM/Department Heads

  • Provides Covid-19 testing and scheduling on location, mobile testing for VIP’s, manages all test results and notifies individuals on positive cases

  • Attends location scouts and advises on Capacity Limitations, Proper Ventilation, HVAC/MVAC/HEPA Filtration systems, and other Health & Safety risks 

  • Advises company on best practices related to Covid-19, assessing risk and adherence to local and state laws

  • Develop, Implement, Maintain and Revise, Health and Safety Plans related to company

  • Medical Checkpoints that include CDC Contactless Temperature Checks and symptom screenings upon ingress 

  • Coordinates placement of Sanitation Stations, Catering, Background Holding and daily set up of production to ensure proper social distancing

  • Provides, distributes and stocks PPE and compliance training on appropriate donning and doffing

  • Coordinates Security Unit to enforce Zone Protocol and Social Distancing Compliance, Badges and Contact Tracing

  • Covid-19 Sanitization and Ventilation Planning and Compliance with our Dedicated Hygiene Crew

  • Documentation provided to head of company regarding concerns, violations and compliance

  • Provide current developments in Health & Safety to improve quality assurance

  • Commitment to maintaining Covid-19 Protocols in a Friendly and Professional Manor

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